The condensate pump Aircondens® transports the condensate from ventilation units up to 5.5 m or 550 l/h.


Aircondens® is used to convey condensate from ventilation and air-conditioning units to the desired location. The condensate pump is used if the condensate cannot be disposed of via a natural slope or if the installation location of the system is below the backflow level. The Aircondens® condensate pump is supplied by Powercondens ready for connection with non-return valve, hose, mains plug and alarm connection. 



Kondensatpumpe Aircondens® von Powercondens

Your benefits at a glance

Can be used everywhere

Thanks to the low inlet height (73mm) as well as the high flow rate (550 l/h or 5.5m), the Aircondens® condensate pump can be connected to any ventilation and air conditioning unit.

Installation Plug & Play

Thanks to the ready-to-connect mains cable (plug T12), the total of four potential condenser inlets and the supplied set for wall mounting, the Aircondens® can be installed with little effort.