Treat condensate - protect people and the environment

Condensate becomes water

Millions of heating, ventilation and air conditioning devices are in operation around the world, providing comfortable warmth or pleasant cooling. During operation these devices produce condensate. Depending on the device, this condensate has different consistencies - it is not water.


We at Powercondens have the vision to treat the condensate from heating, ventilation and air conditioning devices in such a way that it becomes water. This with the following advantages:

  1. Protection of man and the environment
  2. Prevention destruction sewerage
  3. Use of water for personal consumption


Powercondens solutions are available from suppliers of heating, ventilation and air-conditioning devices, as well as from specialist tradesmen and service partners. They can be installed as plug & play on any heating, ventilation and air conditioning device.

As an independent family business, we develop and produce solutions for the correct treatment of condensate. Since 1999 we have been carrying the mission: condensate becomes water. We’ll keep thinking. Do you think along?


Kalim Ghulam
Owner managing director, Powercondens