The Heatcondens® is perfect for the correct treatment of the condensate, resulting from the defrosting process of the heat pump indoors.


The gushing condensate first flows into the pre-tank for treatment or collection. Thanks to the integrated filter technology, the conveying lifting unit is protected. Subsequently, the condensate is conveyed to the desired location. The treatment capacity is 10 l / gush, eight times per hour.



Heatcondens® für Wärmepumpen

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Your benefits at a glance

Trouble-free operation

Thanks to the integrated filter technology, the Heatcondens® not only conveys the condensate surge from heat pumps to the desired location, but also guarantees trouble-free operation. With Heatcondens® you avoid the condensate backing up, which can damage the evaporator of the heat pump.

Installation Plug & Play

The condensate hose from the heat pump can be connected directly to Heatcondens® and 5m hose are supplied for the discharge. In addition, the power cable of the conveyor lifting system is assembled ready for connection with plug T12.