Neutralisation with quick installation and simplified maintenance. For wall-mounted gas appliances up to 45 kW.

The Wallcondens® cleans and neutralises condensate from wall-mounted gas appliances up to 45 kW before it is released into the environment. The innovation: The product fits directly onto the siphon hose, can be mounted anywhere on the wall and maintenance is carried out by simply changing the cartridge.




Neutralisation Wallcondens® von Powercondens

Your benefits at a glance

Flexible installation via Plug & Play

The Wallcondens® can be combined Plug & Play with all wall-mounted gas appliances up to 45 kW. The rigid siphon hose (grey or black) fits directly onto the Wallcondens®. Wall mounting is done with only one drill hole (screw / dowel included) and 0.5m hose is supplied for the outlet.


The Wallccondens® is certified according to DVGW VP 114 and is therefore CE certified. Thus, it meets all requirements and corresponds to the state of the art.


The Wallcondens® is easy to maintain by simply changing the cartridge: remove the used cartridge, fit a new one. It couldn't be simpler.



The used cartridge can be returned to Powercondens and recycled. A recycling loop is created.